greenleaf & bridgewater scented sachets

we offer range of greenleaf scented sachets to our customers in store and when you shop online.

greenleaf & bridgewater brings nature home with fragrances that evoke the romance of delicate flowers, the freshness of ocean and air, the vibrance of juicy citrus, and the coziness of sweet cinnamon and vanilla. the vision of greenleaf is to create products and fragrances that embody the joy of every season.

since 1975, greenleaf has been creating fragrances in house that bring nature home in a variety of products for every room that embody the joy of every season including the original scented envelope sachets and room sprays.

each fragrance is created in-house, making them unique and specifically formulated to work effectively in every product – ensuring the signature quality that our valuable customers have come to expect from greenleaf for over 35 years.

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